• The telemedicine device consists of 2 parts: one fixed, the other mobile.
  • The fixed station is intended for the expert nurse installed in outpatient care at the Center Hospitalier de Saint Martin, referring institution.
  • Mobile devices are Androïd type mobile tablets, lightweight, with 5 M pixels camera and HD video source.
  • These stations are connected with 3G, 3G +, WIFI networks. They have a web browser to access the Internet.
  • The decree of telemedicine published on October 10, 2010 defines a precise framework. It suggests a functioning and list of obligations: Identify health professionals and their titles, request patient consent, write a report, draft agreements between health professionals.
  • Confidentiality and security constraints are imposed, such as safe transport of health data by safe messaging, storage on registered hosters, traceability of acts. The obligation to report to the CNIL provides for the protection of persons.
  • These health information systems are interoperable.
  • R2C proposes a new practice of medicine allowing home stay and short hospitalizations thanks to a strong collaboration between doctor-nurse, specialized medicine-general medicine, city-hospital.
  • The setting up of Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings is also organized and promoted by R2C.
  • Patients included in the active wound tracking software program "INFINYS" and defined in theoremic failure may be staffed in CPR at the request of the expert physician or attending physician.
  • This RCP, called "ORTHOPLAST CARIBBEAN", will meet twice a month.
  • All experts will be aware of the clinical case and will be able to give their expertise on the case. Photos of the wound, radiographs and other balances can be added as an attachment. Joint consultations around the patient can also be carried out, so an immediate multidisciplinary opinion is given at the end of the consultation.
  • Typical functioning RCP: a report is drawn up following the medical decision to take charge and sent to the attending physician.

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